Tesla City Stories Returns Fall 2016 – Help boost our signal!

TBC_BOOST_SMLABOOST THE SIGNAL! Fans of vintage radio unite! The Tesla City Stories, the well-received revival of 1940s radio theater performed live onstage in Portland, Oregon since 2014, is looking to expand. After 17 shows and producing/performing over 40 story episodes, we are looking to grow!

For those of you who haven’t been able to see us in action, our shows feature talented voice actors, original music as well as special musical guests, and live “Foley” sound effects bringing these stories to life right before your, er, ears. It’s a fun experience that we aim to offer to a wider audience by turning The Tesla City Stories into a podcast.

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Next show is October 4th!

OK Teslers! Our fall line-up is humming right along! Thanks again to our packed standing room only crowd last time!…

Posted by The Tesla City Stories – Live Vintage Radio Onstage on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

NEXT SHOW SEPTEMBER 13TH, 2015 – Note date change

Enjoy 3 new episodes: “Pick of the Harem,” hapless but plucky VIOLA has won the heart and the unwanted attentions of a visiting Arabian sheik! And THE WRAITH tries to settle the old business of a heroic, spectral ally known as The Weeping Policeman in “The Long Exoneration.” Plus a new episode of our soap opera “NIGHTINGALE OF THE BROKEN HEART”!

Due to unforeseen circumstances the next show date has changed to *SEPTEMBER 13th, 2015*. But the show remains the same!…

Posted by The Tesla City Stories – Live Vintage Radio Onstage on Thursday, August 13, 2015