A Word from Brendan About Our Anniversary



That’s not much of a word, but it nicely sums up my feelings on this first year of The Tesla City Stories. What seemed an unlikely prospect, bringing a largely unheralded, old-fashioned form of entertainment to modern audiences (and on a night that traditionally sees new episodes of Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, etc.), has succeeded beyond the modest dreams of myself and my producing partner Jerry Chrisman. So let me use this space for some deserved gratitude.

First, and most obviously, huge thanks are due our amazing cast, from regulars to our occasional guest stars. Laura Cross, Doug Dean, Milo Duke, Lucas Friedman, Malachi Graham, Cheryl Grant, Dan Hill, Pat Janowski (as both actor and Foley effects artiste!), Chris Linn, Kristi Lovato, Lauren McCune, Mark Savage, Trenton Shine, and Jason Squamata – you guys are all stars in my eyes and this show wouldn’t exist without your amazing talents! And the same goes for our behind the scenes, technical team of Elisa Stanley and Patrick White (also our resident music composer). Thanks to all of you, to the great folks at the Funhouse Lounge, and every single person who ever volunteered to work the door. We’ve gotten more generous help than we know what to do with!

Next, a big thanks to a few long-distance collaborators. First, my older brother Robin who got me into this stuff to begin with and whose encouragement has always been invaluable, if, sometimes, suspect. Next, the young man Phil Beddoe who set me on the course of discovering the cache of TBC transcripts we’ve all been enjoying thus far. And, lastly, the anonymous contributor from Bangor who sent me a wonderful Christmas present of a box of Nightingale of the Broken Heart scripts. This is a belated but very sincere thank you! Here’s hoping you’ll contact us again and let us know to whom we are so indebted.

It goes without saying that we are also in the debt of those figures from the distant past who actually created Tesla City. Namely TBC founder “Buck” Spivey and head writer Dave Engstrom. Without their reckless creative daring during the relatively staid heyday of radio theater, we would never have known the likes of Viola and Betsy Harper, Jack Wilde, Blevins DeBell or Lazarus St. George.

Finally, and most importantly, the greatest share of gratitude must go to you, our amazing audiences and fans, who have made each show a sheer delight, supporting our odd little enterprise with laughter, applause and remarkably little booing. Here’s hoping you’ll all stick with us (and, hey, bring a friend or two) as we continue to dust off these wonderful stories of seventy or so years past and restore them to life in the digital age.

Stay tuned, we’re just getting warmed up!