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A monthly night of vintage radio comedy and drama — live onstage in Portland, Oregon! Straight outta 1944! Laughs! Chills! Romance! Danger! Booze! Eats! Cash bar! Live Foley! 1940’s live music! Prizes! Audience participation!

THIS MONTH, November 29th, 2019 shows:

New installment of “The Off-key Life of Viola Harper“. Viola finally lands a chorus part in an actual show, but a new rival, “Golden Toes” Tedesco, is determined that Viola’s star turn is a flop! “The Off-key Life of Viola Harper” is a sitcom detailing the travails of a hapless, would-be Broadway chanteuse. Viola’s a small town girl in the big city trying to make her show biz dreams come true. She’s got a lot of what it takes to make it – a positive attitude, a never-say-die spirit, a supportive sister, a good-hearted boyfriend and a dogged, if eccentric, manager. The only thing she hasn’t got? Talent!

And a brand new episode of the super-natural thriller, “The Wraith”! Ships carrying valuable resources are grounding themselves up and down the Eastern seaboard. Is it the work of supernatural creatures or a more mundane, but no less dangerous, saboteur? The Wraith is a crime-thriller with a supernatural twist. After being murdered on an archeological dig in Egypt, Lazarus St. George is returned to the land of the living by Anubis, god of the Afterlife, to serve as his agent on Earth. With eerie occult powers at his command, and with the aid of his loyal Egyptian friend Bobek, St. George haunts the evildoers of Tesla City as the half-dead avenger, The Wraith.

Since 2014, we at The Tesla City Stories have been presenting an evening of live “radio” theater derived from the recently uncovered archives of the ultra-obscure Tesla Broadcasting Company (1943-1945). It’s “pop archaeology” as performance art, or, more simply, a fun night of vintage entertainment! The shows of the TBC run the gamut from sitcom to thriller, from mystery to romantic-comedy, with forays into westerns, sci-fi and horror to boot. But all of these shows, regardless of genre, are tied to the fictional locale of Tesla City. That’s part of what makes the output of the TBC so unique and sought-after by historians and collectors.

Truly Portland’s best and most unique night out! Come and join us!

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Seating Chart

Ticket Types

Front row action! Each seat comes with a foot rest, an extra seat cushion, and a special, unique gift from the cast only for each Super VIP  ticket holder! Only 14 available per show!

VIP – (Orange)
Front and center to the action. Best seats in the house, close and reserved just for you!

There really is not a bad seat in the house! You and your friends can sit where you like in this section and enjoy the show!

For our loyal and budget-conscious fans. A little off-center but there is not a bad seat in the house!


What time do doors open?

7pm. General Admission ticket holders are encouraged to arrive early for the best seats. For guaranteed best seating consider the VIP option.

Why would I come see radio? Don’t you listen to radio?

Before television was popularized in the 1950’s, radio was often performed and broadcast live before a studio audience. Hence the term “Radio Theater”. It is is very enjoyable to see how radio was produced including watching live sound effects by a foley artist.

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes! We have a beer and wine bar with excellent selections. You must have an I.D. and be 21 or over. You may consume alcohol during the show in the theater.

Is your venue wheelchair and ADA accessible?

Yes! Very much so with excellent seating choices and easy access to the venue, including strategic ramps and elevators.

Can you guarantee seats next to each other?

We can only guarantee seats with VIP and Super VIP. .If you have a large party and wish to sit together, please arrive early. Our venue’s seating is padded benches and are spacious and easy to navigate.

Is the show the same every month? Will I be lost if I have not seen the previous month’s show?

The Tesla City Stories are “serialized” meaning the show is never the same from month to month and there are developing story lines. However, the shows are easily followed and you will enjoy the show whether it’s your first or twentieth time attending!

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Our show is all ages but we recommend 8 and above because it is a theater environment and requires quiet during the performance. I.D. is required for the purchase of alcoholic beverages and you must be 21 years old or older. The show is suitable for all ages.

What’s the refund policy

Unfortunately tickets are not refundable, however we will try honor your tickets for our next performance. If you can’t use your tickets, please contact us at or our box office number 503.837.2900

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

No. We have a master list. You will need I.D.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Busses, the Max, and the trolley are all very close to the venue! will have all current route information. Lyft is another excellent option for easy transport. Plenty of parking is available in the surrounding streets and meters stop charging at 7pm. There is a large paid parking lot very close to the venue entrance.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Best way is to email at

Is my ticket transferrable?

Yes, please email us to let us know at

Is there food at the venue?

Yes, a small but tasty menu is available, along with treats from the “cigarette girl”.

Join us!

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3439 NE Sandy BLVD. #317
Portland, Oregon 97232
ph: 503.837.2900


Original Vintage Radio Theater Live & Direct From 1944!

A production of Raygun Gothic LLC • ©2014 Tesla City Stories - All Rights Reserved.


3439 NE Sandy BLVD. #317
Portland, Oregon 97232
ph: 503.837.2900


Original Vintage Radio Theater Live & Direct From 1944!

A production of Raygun Gothic LLC • ©2014 Tesla City Stories - All Rights Reserved.