The Stories

Archivist’s Note: When this material (i.e. the TBC scripts) was uncovered, there was no accompanying documentation. The typewritten transcripts on faded mimeograph paper included no original air dates or cast lists. All that we can be relatively certain of is these shows were written, produced and aired sometime between April 1943 and November 1945. Based on clues within the scripts themselves, I sorted them into my best guess as to sequence and continuity.  As those of us at the Tesla City Stories are enjoying the “so obscure, it’s brand new” aspect of this revival, I’ve chosen not to present a master list of the recovered scripts and, instead, will simply update these pages after each show has been performed. If any of you new fans have questions about the show or, even more importantly, if any of you have further background info about the TBC or – dare I hope – scripts as yet undiscovered, please write me directly at:


A sitcom detailing the travails of a hapless, would-be Broadway chanteuse. Viola’s a small town girl in the big city trying to make her show biz dreams come true. She’s got a lot of what it takes to make it – a positive attitude, a never-say-die spirit, a supportive sister, a good-hearted boyfriend and a dogged, if eccentric, manager. The only thing she hasn’t got? Talent!


“Viola’s Pied Pipes”: Viola thinks she’s landed her first star turn at a low-rent downtown theater with a bit of a pest problem! (4/6/14)

“Sing, Hummingbird, Sing!”: Viola gets a brand new gig as a promotional model at a big department store – if only she can keep her mouth shut! (7/6/14)

“Viola’s Hay Fever Follies”:  A new gig for Viola but – oh no! – she’s got hay fever! Which makes her sound better?! (10/5/14)

“Mama’s Little Raindrop”:  Viola lands her first high profile job – singing a jingle on her sister’s radio show! And she won’t let a freakish hurricane or her wet blanket of a mother dampen her spirits! (2/1/15) *This show was part of the TBC cross-over event called “The Storm.”

“Speak of the DeBell”: Viola has just gotten the lead in a cabaret revue! No, really! And just guess who’s producing this show…Joan DeBell! Uh-oh. (5/3/15)


 A detective show featuring affable, nearly always broke P.I. Jack Wilde. He’s a decent gumshoe with a silver tongue and an incurable itch for gambling; in fact it’s a toss-up which has caused more trouble for Jack – the cards or his mouth. But, no matter what hand he’s dealt, Jack gets the job done, often to the surprise of his old friend and sometime nemesis, TCPD captain “Dusty” Mankowitz.


“Bet On The Pomeranian”: A missing dog case leads Jack and Dusty to the door of a mobster hitman! (5/4/14)

“The Living Dahl”: Jack tries to unravel the mystery of the millionaire chocolatier and his fiancée – a reclusive heiress the candy maker has never met! (8/3/14)

“Murder in 48 Spoonfuls”:  The Chief of Police is murdered, but was it really for his collection of commemorative spoons? (11/2/14)

“Find The Lady”:  Recovering from the events of “The Storm,” Jack and Dusty flash back to their Army days and the mission that got them discharged. (4/5/15)

“Bullets For El Caudillo”: Jack takes an easy job from a worried señorita that becomes a snare of international intrigue! (6/7/15)


A romantic-comedy set in the world of radio. He’s Blevins DeBell, America’s favorite radio star. She’s Betsy Harper, small town girl and production assistant at the TBC. Their fortunes and hearts become entangled when Betsy steps into the figurative shoes of Blevins’s former co-star and wife, Joan DeBell. It’s a part neither of them expected to play, but the show must go on!


“The Unlikely Understudy”: With mere minutes to air, P.A. Betsy Harper is called upon to co-star with debonaire (and conceited) radio icon Blevins DeBell! (5/4/14)

“Live from the 13th Floor!”:  Radio station P.A. turned actress Betsy Harper is getting closer to famous co-star Blevins DeBell – which is inevitable when trapped together in a tiny elevator! (8/3/14)

“For All the MARBLs!”:  Their radio show is about to win a major award, but Blevins’s ex-wife Joan may steal the show altogether! (11/2/14)

“…But It Pours”:  Betsy’s secret is out and now the world wants a piece of radio’s newest star! Can she handle the stresses of the press, a surprise visitor, and the worst storm in Tesla City history? (2/1/15) *This show was part of the TBC cross-over event called “The Storm.”

“It Haddock To Be You”: Our radio star-crossed lovers finally go on their first date – only to find their burgeoning romance hitting choppy waters! (6/7/15)


A crime-thriller with a supernatural twist. After being murdered on an archeological dig in Egypt, Lazarus St. George is returned to the land of the living by Anubis, god of the Afterlife, to serve as his agent on Earth. With eerie occult powers at his command, and with the aid of his loyal Egyptian friend Bobek, St. George haunts the evildoers of Tesla City as the half-dead avenger, The Wraith.


“Visitations”: A deadly string of antiquities robberies claims its most recent victim – Lazarus St. George! (4/6/14)

“Rossini’s Luck”: Tesla City’s grim avenger faces the challenge of “Lucky Sal” Rossini, a local crime boss with supernaturally good fortune! (7/6/14)

“The Ghost Thief”:  An amateur scientist unwittingly creates a machine that collects departed souls – including Persephone! (10/5/14)

“Hel On Earth pts. 1&2”:  A historic two-parter that pits Tesla City’s eerie avenger against nothing less than the Norse goddess of the Underworld! Featuring cameos from across the TBC shows! (3/1/15) *These shows were part of the TBC cross-over event called “The Storm.”

“A Suggestion Of Evil”: After an attack by an unlikely assassin, The Wraith matches wits and wills with a brilliant and powerful criminal hypnotist! (5/2/15)


Follow the days of nurse Myra Nightingale as her life entwines with those of the staff and patients of Tesla City’s Blessed Heart Hospital, colloquially known by locals as “the Broken Heart.” The TBC’s daily afternoon soap ran in short, 10-15 minute segments during weekdays. We have been presenting the show in monthly installments. Since there are no episode titles, you can listen to them in show date order.


4/5/15 (*Two episodes presented as a debut): Myra reunites a dying old man and his son and becomes the scapegoat for a serious error of Nurse Ryman’s.

5/3/15: Myra faces disciplinary action and Trudy confronts Ryman.

6/7/15: Both Director Draganic and Grant Calloway have important questions for Myra.


 TBC_wildwest_stagecoach_640pxA western anthology following the travels of the titular hero. He’s a man with a mysterious past and an uncertain future, but he knows the trails of the frontier like the back of his hand. He’s got a lightning draw and an uncanny sense of truth and untruth. The honest, good folk of that rough time can always count on the man called Judas Shepherd to lead them home.


“Eastward Ho” parts 1&2: Shepherd is called upon to escort a doctor and his family out of the West and out of danger, delivering them to a most surprising destination! (6/1/14)


 The TBC’s sci-fi anthology, an action-packed series featuring daring heroes and far-flung locales across the universe. And yet, still intricately tied into the ongoing story of Tesla City.


“Kwest-orr of the Cosmos” parts 19&20: It’s the final (?) showdown between star-spanning freedom fighter Kwest-orr Galax and the megalomaniacal Universal Emperor Tarkul – a battle that may lead our hero to his destiny on a strange, new world! It’s rockets, robots and ray-guns galore! (9/7/14)


 A recreation of what we believe to be the 1943 TBC Christmas special that featured a first time, network-wide cross-over of the characters of every TBC show – and Santa Claus! (12/7/14) *Due to licensing issues around the classic Christmas songs used in the show, this performance will not be available for streaming or download. Sorry about that and MERRY CHRISTMAS!